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We are dedicated to helping you plan for your best retirement. David Shucavage and Sam Shucavage, a father-daughter duo, work together with the Carolina Retirement Planners team in a holistic fashion to bring all aspects of your retirement into one cohesive plan. We're passionate about helping individuals and families, just like you, having the best retirement possible.

Carolina Retirement Planners

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Carolina Retirement Planners

Helping you pursue your retirement goals with our 5-Part SMART Retirement Navigator

1 Income Planning

2 Investment Planning

3 Tax Planning

4 Healthcare Planning

5 Legal/Estate Planning

We can predict your future?

When it comes to planning your future, there’s a broad spectrum of possible outcomes that can determine how comfortable your retirement is. Learn how things like taxes, your health, and various other risks can affect your financial future.

Go Go - Slow Go - Won't Go

Wealth management isn’t just about making sure you have enough money to get by. At Carolina Retirement Planners, we work with you to create an income plan that will ensure you can enjoy every stage of retirement to the very fullest.

Retirement Navigator

The best time to start planning your retirement is now. Whether that’s by helping you make smart investments, creating income plans, or tracking your progress, we’re here to help you navigate the process and protect your financial future.

3 Case Studies in Retirement Planning

Carolina Retirement Planners Recent Client

Recent Widow
Beth (Age 75)

After more than 50 years of marriage, Beth’s husband recently passed away, leaving her with a junk drawer full of statements, an outdated will — and no understanding of her financial situation.

Carolina Retirement Planners Recent Client

Retired Couple Relocates
Bill (Age 66) and Susan (Age 65)

A Midwestern couple retires to the warmth of North Carolina, sparking many questions about tax and retirement laws, plus a lingering debate about their children’s inheritance.

Carolina Retirement Planners Recent Client

Early Retirement
Rick (Age 62) and Debra (Age 59)

A hardworking couple gets an unexpected early-buyout offer. Should they accept it? Have they saved enough to even consider retiring early?

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